I’ve been thinking a lot about owls

I took a long look at myself in the mirror, and I noticed the same face as always: it looks at once distant and intense, soft and creepy. It also seems to be ready to fall right off. Nothing new, I think it’s been that way since birth. And if it ever did fall off, I’m certain there will be another face behind it. I can feel it moving around back there. A tighter, sweeter face. And finally, a face you can trust. With the first face out of the way, the new and better face will get right to it: folding the laundry, taking out the garbage, washing those dishes, returning library books before the due date and never once hitting the snooze button to meet every glorious morning. A new day and a new life with a big shiny new likable visage, complete with brand new smile, a charming wink in the eye and, most troubling of all, I will stay out of trouble. It will be a new me, and not me at all.