Culture Jammed

With further rage against the idea that “shit just can’t get any weirder”, it turns out that the “WE NEED TO EAT THE BABIES” woman is part of a radical left-wing pro-Trump Lyndon LaRouche group. Trump and LaRouche, a perfect pair fraudsters for the big top of America, the Las Vegas of the world. Full of only the most highly skilled clowns, illusionists and hucksters.
But of course, the LaRouche group claiming responsibility for the trolling could also is just be more trolling.
How can you tell anymore? I used to welcome the idea of the fringe exploding itself like a soy bomb into the fabric of media-driven commercial reality, but this kind of shit makes Soy Bomb look like a linear, non-disruptive narrative, and I don’t know if the dancing of my nerves is that of delight or horror.
The fringe is everywhere. And I am suddenly confused and must filter the internet, focusing for a while only on the new, fresh hockey season.
As every election season gets hot, a fresh sheet of ice is zambonied for another season of NHL action. The white noise of the skates calming my soul, the marriage of the extremes of grace and violence massaging my proclivity for wedded ambiguity, and the hypnotic back and forth – softened by the resistance of ice that transforms jagged stops and starts into glides, wide turns and snow-making slides – rocks me back into a loving, caring world that I understand.
Go Sabres.